Apache Superset: Database Connectors / DashBoards / Charts / Datasets

Apache Superset: Database Connectors / DashBoards / Charts / Datasets
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Installation of Apache Superset in a Docker Container is covered briefly here:

Apache SuperSet: docker Configuration WalkThrough:
Apache Superset: docker configuration walkthrough

Once you have it installed in a production enviroment we can go through some basics.  

  • The process is effectively DATA then FILTER then VIEW.  We have deliberately oversimplified it.

a. Connecting to a Data Source [DATA]

On the right side of your screen you will see:

We will select the 'Database Connections'

One will see a list of connections that you can make:

At this point one has the option of uploading CSV, or adding a Datbase Connector as in:

You will see the available options as in:

  • There are many more in the 'SUPPORTED DATABASES' which you can add:

It should be noted that Superset  is comprehensive - it checks as you type. In this instance fake data was typed in to mask a production database and as you can see it immediately shows:

Impressive.  But a gotcha soon surfaces in that 'invalid decryption key' shows up. Attempting a second time give - in that it already in the list of database connections but not visible.

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